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"The thing that has struck me most about Kean, is his ability to cut straight to the core of the issue. During a recent session, when asked to help me with a problem, it took him less than a couple of minutes to hit upon two aspects that I had not given the slightest thought to. He then proceeded to assist me in instantly turning these issues around. Thank you Kean, very much appreciated."    

Dr Micheal Schwager.

Get your personal goals and dreams. Improve awareness, energy and vitality levels, body image, health, nutrition, communication, love and connection with your spouse, children, parents, workplace (even ex partners!). 

A coach- mentor who gets YOU!

Experience the results you seek. Get a counsellor, coach, and mentor, from a successful business background - all in one session. Shift yourself significantly towards your goals - learning concepts that work. Think about this if you've been working on problems for years now.

"I have worked with Kean for six years and have achieved an amazing level of insight to myself, to the way I operate with others and what holds me back from reaching new levels of success across both my work and personal lives. I have studied and participated in traditional methods of counselling and can attest that my gains with Kean are greater and come faster than I ever thought possible. The experience is incredibly moving but at the same time incredibly fun. Working through issues, gaining awareness and discovering how to ‘be yourself’ does not have to be hard work – with Kean, it’s a natural and exciting process." -  Emma Partner of Leading Professional Service Firm

Be one of ten people a year who have Kean as a full time coach using sessions and retreats to  take your life to the next level.

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Upcoming Events

A Soul’s Journey to INDIA!

29-Sep-2014 - 10-Oct-2014 | 9.00am

The Connection Retreat.

04-Apr-2014 - 06-Apr-2014 | 6.00pm

Couples Retreat (4 pairs max) Sunshine Coast

02-May-2014 - 04-May-2014 | 6.00pm

The Connection Retreat- Relationships and Family

16-May-2014 - 18-May-2014 | 6.00pm

The Next Step Retreat - More Advanced June Retreat

11-Jun-2014 - 13-Jun-2014 | 6.00pm

The Shift - Advanced June Retreat

13-Jun-2014 - 15-Jun-2014 | 6.00pm

Couples Retreat - Sunshine Coast

04-Jul-2014 - 06-Jul-2014 | 6.00pm